Application procedure

The Impactsearch application procedure consists of a step-by-step plan that has been specifically calibrated to find the right match. During the application procedure, we will work together to inventory your wishes, situation and expectations. This will enable our experts to provide targeted advice and show what is feasible on the job market. In this way, you won’t be in for any nasty surprises later.

We can match you, your personal situation and your competencies to the vacancy that suits you best. Of course, we will present these vacancies to you in advance and if you’re interested, we’ll put you in contact with the client. After your meeting with the client, we will evaluate your first impression. If positive, we will guide you through the rest of the application procedure until it’s time to sign the contract. We will condense all your needs and wishes into the contract, possibly following a negotiation process. Our goal is to ensure a client organisation offers you a job with contract terms you are willing to sign. In this regard, we help you to realise all your needs and wishes to the greatest extent possible.

Guidance from Impactsearch

Impactsearch will provide you with all the guidance you need throughout the entire process. This begins by mapping out your needs, wishes, situation and expectations. Impactsearch’s experts will present you with the vacancy that suit you best. Following one or more interviews with the client, you will complete the subsequent steps together with the experts. They’ll help you whenever you need it at every step of the process, all the way up to you signing the contract with your new employer.
Good luck, and we hope you enjoy your new challenge!

Interim management application procedure

Interim management differs from permanent positions in many ways. As a result, the application process is also different. Interim management vacancies are filled in a shorter time. As a result, the entire process is accelerated and you’ll be able to sign a contract sooner. Naturally, interim contracts are subject to an estimated contract period. Before you start an assignment, we will ensure that all expectations and the duration of the assignment are clearly specified.


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