What we do

Impactsearch specialises in finding the best experts in the market and connecting them with the right clients. Our extensive national network of professionals allows us to introduce the right candidate to our clients for both interim and permanent positions.

Who is Impactsearch for?

Impactsearch serves two target segments. One of these is organisations looking for finance experts for a permanent or an interim-management position.
All Impactsearch’s highly qualified (HBO+ and WO+) finance professionals are ready to take a meaningful next step in their career.

Our extensively experienced team is aware of the very latest developments in the market and understands exactly what organisations and professionals want and need. Using the step-by-step plan, our experts inventory the client’s situation and establish the search criteria. Based on this data, we work together with the professionals to make the best possible match between finance professionals and clients.


Impactsearch successfully provides the perfect candidate with Impact to organisations requiring specific knowledge and personal talents at the executive and management level. We deliver candidates for both interim and permanent positions at the national and international level.


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