For candidates

Impactsearch is always there for professionals who are ready to take a new step in their career. Our experienced team knows the job market for finance professionals like no other. Together with our partners, Impactsearch possesses over 100 years of experience in the recruitment sector. As a result, our partners are always able to make the perfect match between candidate and client. We know exactly what is going on in the sector, allowing us to provide tailor-made advice to candidates about taking the next step in their career.

Permanent positions

Our clients are looking for finance experts who can boost their team and help their organisation to grow. A permanent position will give you the next challenge in your career and offer you development opportunities to facilitate your personal and professional growth.

Impactsearch conducts an intake meeting with all professionals to paint a picture of your needs and wishes. We will make recommendations based on your expectations and available opportunities in the market. Our experts will provide you with the very best guidance from the initial intake to signing the contract with your new employer.

Interim Management

As an interim manager, you will be available for operational, tactical and strategic assignments. Our clients may also seek you out for specialist issues, project management or other management positions.

Impactsearch’s experts will carefully consider whether you possess the necessary competencies, such as availability and knowledge of the subject matter. As interim management assignments start at short notice, we will organise an interview with the client as soon as possible.


Our mission is to successfully match the right candidates with businesses that require specific knowledge, talent and personal skills. We do this at the executive and management level on both an interim and permanent basis for national and international clients and candidates.


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