What we can do for you

Impactsearch is the number one specialist in recruitment and selection of the best financial specialists in the market with the requisite knowledge and experience. Our extensive international network allows us to find the right professionals to perfectly suit your organisation. All our highly qualified (HBO+ and WO+) finance professionals are ready to take a meaningful next step in their career and their knowledge and skills will boost your organisation. Our professionals are also committed to continual development in both a personal and professional capacity. Our unique working methods guarantee the right match: exactly the right person in exactly the right place.

Our recruitment team

Our specialist team knows and understands your organisation and knows what is happening in the market in which you operate. We match organisations and candidates based on search (permanent positions) and interim management solutions. Are you looking for a permanent employee or urgently seeking a professional to act as a stand-in or to help on a specific financial project? If so, Impactsearch has a range of suitable candidates who are keen to get started straight away.

Impactsearch also remains involved in the process after the match has been made. In this way, both you and your new employee can continue to learn, develop and grow.

Together with our partners, our professional team has more than 100 years of experience in finding the right match for your organisation. Thanks to our method, we can 100% guarantee a talented professional who suits your organisation. View our search process


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