Auditing (operational, financial, IT, SAP & exact)

What is auditing?

Auditing is systematic and independent examination of an organisation’s books, accounts, bank accounts, mandatory financial records, documents or vouchers. The main focus is the extent to which the financial and non-financial documents give a reliable picture of reality. Every type of auditing is conducted to determine whether these records are in line with the established principles and organisational and/or statutory requirements.

Benefits of impactsearch

Impactsearch provides a wealth of opportunities for clients and candidates to continually develop. Impactsearch’s experts know what it’s like to work in the sector as well as what’s happening in everyday practice. As a result, they can give you extremely effective advice and match the correct candidates to the correct company. Impactsearch also remains involved in the process after the match has been made. This is done in a number of ways, including multiple evaluation moments during the first two years of employment.

Auditing vacancies

The following Impactsearch vacancies are currently open:


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